Marissa Chavez

Yoga to means so many things but the center of it all is love and compassion. When I started my yoga journey ,7 years ago, it was as a hobby and one that I never expected to lead to this deep connect and desire for my practice. I feel that yoga is my essential in life along with tacos and good jams to sing in the car/shower, it’s something I need everyday for my mind, spirit, soul, and body. I completed my 200 hour training at Nature Yoga Sanctuary with two amazing teachers who I admire and inspire me to always keep growing, learning, and opening up to what life has to teach. I hope when people come to my class they receive laughter, lightness, and strength. My classes are inspired by my daily journey on this path hoping to give students space to experience their own unique flow and feel a deeper connection with themselves. As they leave I wish for my students to feel more confident in their body and more peaceful and calm in their mind.