Jenn Christiansen

My yogic journey began shortly after becoming a mother. What began as a physical practice driven by the ego evolved into a practice of physical and emotional healing. Through the catharsis of breath, a lot of sweat, and tears, I am learning to accept myself exactly as I am at that moment. One breath at a time.

By shifting the focus from the movement to the breath rather than the postures, an entirely new experience arises . . . once you connect with the breath, you become more mindful of your body, thus more mindful in your practice. By synchronizing movement with your breath, you are able to use the postures to get into your body rather than using your body to get into the postures.

However the real revelation comes beyond the realm of one’s mat. We all experience those moments in life that literally take our breath away, triggering the acute stress response which in turn elevates the heart rate and blood pressure. When we can pause and come to our breath, we can disengage the acute stress response and avoid reacting in order to provide a mindful response.

I do not simply teach the practice; I share it in hopes of building a mindful and compassionate community – not just towards one another, but also towards ourselves. As such, I provide modifications and variations to allow each student to honor his/her own body at that given moment.

I received my 200-hour certification in Ashtanga-Vinyasa from the Center for Yoga with Jonny Kest in Birmingham, MI. I also continue to enhance my practice by attending yoga festivals, trainings, workshops, classes with master instructors, and I am continuously learning from fellow yogi/nis.